Phobias – Understanding Intense Fear

Fear is something that causes anxiety to overwhelm our bodies. This is typically something that makes us feel alive, scared, and wanting to get away from the thing causing it. For most people however, this is a temporary paralysis that they overcome within minutes by forging forward toward the source of their fear.

For phobia sufferers this is a bit different. They cannot overpower their fear. Instead their bodies tend to take over and induce a state of panic. They will have trouble breathing, a hard time articulating words, will sweating uncontrollable, start to tremble or shake, and feel as if there is this cloud of doom overtaking their entire body. This intense fear is not a typical case of anxiety, but a full blown phobia.

Why Do I Fear Having Sex With Someone Else?

If you find that you persistently fear having sex with another person you suffer from genophobia. This can also be referred to as coitophobia. Either way they are both considered the name to describe a fear of sexual intercourse. People may be afraid of all sexual acts or of just sex itself.

Erotophobia or sex phobia are typically caused by traumatic events that happened in a person’s past. Any event where sex was linked to something painful or unpleasant a person’s mind connects sex to being something bad or dangerous. This can be hard to reprogram the brain on and will take time and commitment from the sufferer to do.

Do You Frequently Check The Weather?

If you find yourself frequently checking the weather forecast on your phone, television, and computer it’s likely that you have brontophobia. This is a persistent and irrational fear of thunder and lightning. This is a very common phobia that a lot of people tend to face.

For some it’s the sound of the lightning striking and the thunder rolling that creates that immense anxiety over their body. For others, simply seeing dark clouds outside will stir up their anxious feelings early. Brontophobia suffers will feel nauseous, have difficulty breathing, heart palpitations, tremble, and feel like they are in extreme danger when their anxiety kicks in.

There are a few different ways to overcome this condition. These include hypnosis reprogramming, desensitization therapy, self-help books, and exposure therapy. You can learn more about all of them at

Let’s Talk About Vag Yeast Infections

Vaginal yeast infections are common among all women. It’s actually estimated that three out of every four women experience this type of fungal infection at one point or another throughout their lifetime. This fungal infection of the vagina causes intense itching, irritation, and discharge. This is considered a type of vaginitis, more commonly referred to as inflammation of the vagina.

A vaginal yeast infection, also known as vaginal candidiasis, isn’t technically considered a sexual transmitted infection. It’s important to realize that although not classified as one, you can get a yeast infection due to sexual intercourse. The reason a yeast infection is not considered an STI is because women who are not sexual active may get the infection. Remember that oral sexual contact can transfer the fungal infection into the mouth or the genitals.

Since these infections are common there are many over the counter cures, such as Yeastrol or Monistat, that you can use to treat the infection. It’s highly recommended that if you experience more than for yeast infections in the period of one year, that you seek medical help. It will most likely require to to have a longer course of treatment for this type of fungal infection.

You can learn more about the symptoms of yeast infections and cures at